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Advisory / project leadership / ad-interim management

get shit done

Broad and deep experience as top tier consultant, international managing director and entrepreneur

I have spent many years as strategy consultant for BCG, worked in various roles in the industrial sector, held the position as managing director in the USA, founded and led a successful foodservice company and acted as advisor for various companies and start-ups in the last 16 years.

how can I support you?

My skills and back-ground enable me to be a world class executor. I combine a strategic mindset with a hands-on attitude to get things done. My ability to build rapport with people with diverse backgrounds allows me to lead in a natural way and build highly motivated teams.


When you are in need of a sparring partner with the strategic mindset of a consultant paired with the experience of management and entrepreneurship in the real world we can work with you to facilitate workshop, lead strategy discussions or support you as trusted advisor on your key topics.

Project leadership

The one project on your to do list where you just don't have the time or right resource in your team is the one where we can support you with hands-on skills and deep experience. We will make sure your projects get traction, lead your teams to success and execute fiercely.

Ad-interim management

To fill a position temporarily with an experienced and flexible ad-interim manager allows you to bridge leadership gaps, takes tasks off your agenda and allows you search and recruit the right long-term candidate without pressure.

my focus topics


Not (only) about where you want to play but mostly about how you can win! I have led countless strategy discussions, facilitated offsites and created scenarios for companies from start-ups to multi-billion industrial conglomerates.

Sales & Marketing

Successful S&M means matching creative storytelling with fierce data driven execution. I have led sales teams internationally, coached sales managers in many organisations and achieved continuous growth with my own foodservice company.


Launching new offerings requires a bit of design thinking but mostly a lot of discipline. From eCommerce Home Delivery services to Supplements to Ice Cream. I have launched several products with agile teams successfully.


Acquisitions can only be successful when value and process align with the line management from the start. I have led both buy- as well as sell-side projects for acquisitions in EU, US, Asia, South America and even Africa up to 100m EV.

I have been highly successful in creating value in specific focus areas. In addition, my general research skills, project management methodology and interdisciplinary thinking allow me to have a positive impact on your organisation in a broad range of topic areas.

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I got to work with a diversity of customers across industries and geographies on numerous project. Approach me for references and more details.

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