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It’s all about the Y but then someone’s gotta do it. We are providing very hands-on, no-BS management services as strategic advisors and project managers. We apply relentless focus on execution and getting things done rather than giving advice. We combine analytical rigor, real world common sense, creativity and human touch. Our experience stretches from top management consulting and international line management to entrepreneurship.

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While being eaten by culture for breakfast, it’s still the basis of winning

We are experts in developing a strategy not to define where your company could be going but to discuss and understand how to beat the competition and WIN big.

Strategy project example

We helped the management of an industrial company to understand where the stars in their portfolio where by looking at current capabilities, financials and trends in the world out there.

Then we developed different paths on how to achieve a clear edge against the competition within the identified star segment.

Finally in discussion with the top management we defined how to execute not these strategic paths.

The strategy resulted in a successful expansion within the identified space and later a going public of the spun-off division.


Why do we always talk about innovation instead of just doing it?

We lead your innovation project and quickly get things moving. Together with your team we apply lean start up methods to achieve tangible results, test them hard against the market pivot until we get it right

Innovation project example

A large hospitality group in Switzerland asked us to lead one of the new business ventures. Together with their team we developed a new food delivery concept from scratch to market in just six weeks.

We applied a rapid test and learn approach with as much customer involvement as possible to create a matching product market fit of our product.


It’s all about winning fans not about getting sales

We are really good at improving how you tell your stories, organise your customer facing teams and motivate them to go the extra mile. 

Sales project example

For a kitchen equipment manufacturer in the US market we assessed and changed the go to marktet model by strengthening direct sales, KAM, Project business as well as eCommerce functions.

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